Man Crush of the Week

Foster looks to duplicate his first week performance (AP photo)


Who’s my man crush of the week?  I’ll tell you, it’s Arian Foster.  Most fans out there think of his unreal week 1 performance as somewhat of a fluke.  However fluke isn’t the correct word.   Although I don’t expect another 200 plus yard game from Foster, I think his week 1 performance was a showing of things to come.

                I especially like him because of his week 2 match up against the Redskins.  With Haynesworth not at 100%, the skins D-line will have trouble getting to Schaub and stopping the run.  With everyone already well aware of the fact that Schaub can throw it deep, they’ll need a nice run game to compliment that and throw off Washington’s defense.  With his ability to also catch out of the backfield, look for Foster to get the ball early and often

                On a side note:

                 Last year when Arian was called upon to help the Texans abysmal running game, he did so.  In five games Foster averaged just less than 5 yards per carry and just less than 12 yards per reception.  When he did finally get the start the last two games of the 09’ season is closed it out with back to back 100+ yard games.   Along with the strong passing game, especially the dynamic duo of Schaub and Johnson, I look for Foster to not only have a strong week 2, but a great 2010-11 season.   


4 responses to “Man Crush of the Week

  1. Definitely looking forward to Foster having a great year with the Texans and in fantasy football. I have him in a league and I debated whether to start him against Washington or Brandon Jackson of Green Bay against Buffalo.

    • that’s a tough decesion, however if I were you I would go with the sure thing in Foster. Although Jackson did move into the #1 slot by defualt, thier fullback Kuhn has been getting the ball near the goaline. I don’t think you can go wrong either way, but I’d go with Foster

  2. Hee Dave, I agree with you more on your opinion but I can not see Arian getting the numbers he did last week in week one. Houston is a great team and I think Arian Foster is a good complimentary piece to the Texans puzzle. Btw what the heck happened to Steve Slaton, a no show and a dud.

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