Reggie Bush, Mike Vick, Braylon Edwards: Drop, Keep, or Pick Up

A lot has happened in the NFL within the last 48 hours. Injuries, roster changes, and off the field actions have effected many players, and your fantasy line-ups.  So I’m here to give you the scoop.

Bush goes down after recovering muffed punt (AP photo)

Drop Him: New Orleans, RB, and all around threat, Reggie Bush went down against the 49ers against recovering a muffed punt.  His prognosis is in and it doesn’t look good.  According to the SF Gate and the AP, Bush has suffered a broken leg.  This injury is expected to sideline him for about 6 weeks, but not the rest of the season.  However, keeping him on your roster will only take up space.  If and when he does return, will he be 100%?  Will the Saints rush him back into the lineup if they’re already in playoff contention?  Those questions will be answered for sure later in the season.  For the mean time, drop him and try to pick up another RB or RB/WR depending on what league you’re in.  Possible picks:  Mike Tolbert San Diego RB (might not get loads of touches, but does so near goal-line, and especailly with Mathew getting hurt, the Chargers will not rush him back in before he’s 100% ready. So look for Tolbert to rack up the points. Or you could get Malcolm Floyd WR for San Diego. He seems to fill in nice for Jackson, will be a steady source of catches this season. He had a breakout game last week and looks to keep up the fantasy points.

Keep Him: Braylon Edwards.  Although Edwards landed himself in jail Tuesday morning for a DWI, he is expected to dress, not start this weekend ESPN reports. He is there go-to receiver, so expect him to catch Sanchez eye quiet often, especially with Holmes still out.  Don’t loose faith just yet, keep him.

Vick gets the nod from head coach Andy Reid (AP Photo)

Pick Him Up:

Mike Vick.  According to Doug Farrar of, the Eagles promoted Vick to the role of starting QB for the remainder of the season.  If by the time you finish reading this, and it’s not too late, go pick him up NOW!  Prior to his legal problems Vick was always a top fantasy player, and through the first 2 weeks it seems as if he is returning to his old form.  In only 6 quarters of work, Vick has amassed 459 passing yards and 3 TD’s through the air, while collecting 140 yards of the ground, or in fantasy talk, 43 points.  Not bad for not even 2 games.  With his QB skills looking more and more polished each time out, and that vintage Vick speed catching back up with him, he is a definite fantasy booster.  PICK HIM UP!


6 responses to “Reggie Bush, Mike Vick, Braylon Edwards: Drop, Keep, or Pick Up

    • No way on Snelling. He was not that much of a surpise eventhough the game he had was a monster one. He was called into this role last season and proved himself. However Turner seems to b OK for Sunday and the Falcons have said over and over as long as hes Ok, hes the #! RB. Worth to keep an eye on Snelling but do not pick him up just yet

  1. That’s weird. I like this post because I did everything in this post, before reading it. lol Dropped Bush, picked up Tolbert, had Floyd, kept Edwards, and grabbed Vick. Let’s see how it plays out.

  2. Forget Braylon man he has always been washed up and Mark Sanchez love Dustin Keller, look for Dustin Keller to have a great season.

  3. This a truly great post and may be one that needs to be followed up to see what the results are

    A colleague e mailed this link the other day and I’m desperately hoping for your next put up. Proceed on the awesome work.

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