Peyton Hillis, Is He For Real?

Hillis celebrates his dominant performance (AP Photo)


After going off for 180 total yards and 1 rushing TD against the often feared Ravens defense, he left many fantasy owners wondering the same thing, is this guy for real?  Simply put, yes, yes he is. 

Never heard of him before Sunday?  Not to worry as he has never really been a house-hold name.  During his stint in Denver he always played back-up, but when he did get his chance, he came through, like he did Sunday.  During last year, when the Broncos were stricken with injuries Hillis came in and averaged 5.0 ypc and scored 5 TDs in 12 total games, and only 5 in which he started. 

Getting the start on Sunday did come by “luck” as Jerome Harrison was inactive due to an injured thigh.  However, once giving the chance to show his stuff, he jumped at the opportunity.  “But what if Harrison comes back?” Some might wonder.  Let that be little concern to you fantasy owners out there, as before Harrison went out he and Hillis were splitting the touches anyway.  Only in week 2 did Harrison get more touches and did little with it, only gaining 52 rushing yards and 0 TD against the Bucs.  That was actually a step up from his week 1 performance against the surprise Chiefs, as he only managed 33 yds on the ground and 0 TD.  

Hillis on the other hand hasn’t been all that much better, gaining 41 yards against the Bucs, and 35 against the Chiefs, however he has managed to score a rushing TD in each game.  So through three games this year, Hillis has 220 yds rushing and 3 TDs.  

When Harrison does return, do not expect him to continue to get all of the touches, as he will probably go back to share time with Hillis.  Nonetheless do not expect Hillis’s productivity to go down to much, as he seems to be the only real thing working for their offense, so it is likely the Browns will continue to ride him as long as it works. 

So if you are in a league were RBs are scarce and you’re looking for someone to fill a spot for week 4, Hillis is a good choice. 


5 responses to “Peyton Hillis, Is He For Real?

  1. I was thinking about picking up Hillis, but I really haven’t heard much about him before until now. I’m interested to see what happens when Harrison returns and how many touches each of them get.

    • Yea, he was not all that well known. He had a few big games in Denver but he was always back-up and his big games came when he got the chance to step up. He was plagued by injury, now that he got his shot he should do pretty well.

  2. I have him on my team because I needed somebody. Little did I know how well he’d play against the Baltimore defense, I ended up sitting him. Definitely going to be interesting to see how he does the rest of the season, especially when Jerome Harrison is back in the mix.

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