Be on the lookout for Aaron Hernandez, Seahawks D, and Mark Sanchez


For all you owners out there who haven’t gotten off on the right foot, and are looking for some pick-up players for week 4, be on the lookout for Hernandez, Seahawks, and Sanchez.  

To anybody who did fantasy in the past years (with the exception of Hernandez who is a rookie) would never think of the Seahawks D or Mr. Int. himself Sanchez as top fantasy point getters, but this is a new year and as of now, new Sanchez and Seahawks D. 

Sanchez has thrown himself into the top QBs in fantasy (NY Daily)

As far as Sanchez goes, who’d of thought that 3 weeks into the season he has more fantasy points than Matt Schaub?  ?  Well he does, and with two straight 200+ yard 3TD games it seems as if he is finally proving to have some value in the fantasy world.  (He had 12 passing TDs all last season) With Keller and Edwards proving to reliable receivers, and Holmes coming back, you owners out there could give Sanchez a shot in your starting line-up especially owners who have Romo or Favre who are on Bye this week. 

Although Gronkowski may catch Tom Brady’s eye in the red zone, Hernandez catches his eye everywhere else.  Not like most typical Patriot tight ends of the past, Hernandez is more like a WR with the way he runs after he catches the ball.  Although there are many talented TE’s out there, he is worth taking a look at and picking up for a bye-week or possible starter.  He has two straight games with 6 receptions, and look for that to continue as he will likely continue to pick up yards and points for you.  

Leon Washington (Getty Images)

Then comes the #2 D/ST team in fantasy, the Seattle Seahawks.  Although they got whacked week 2 against the Broncos, there other 2 weeks have produced 19 and 26 points.  Large part of that is thanks to Leon Washington and his returning skills.  Don’t expect him to return one every game; however the Seahawks do have 4 INT and 3FF and 3 FR so far this year.  With their week 4 game being against the Rams, I would start them with confidence. 


6 responses to “Be on the lookout for Aaron Hernandez, Seahawks D, and Mark Sanchez

  1. Hernandez is turning out to be quite the target for Tom Brady. I picked him up after week 1 because I thought he’d be seeing the ball a lot. So far, so good. And Sanchez is playing a lot better than I expected, as much as I hate the Jets.

  2. Dustin Keller! Hate the Jets, love this guy. Similar to Hernandez in his role, but he’s clearly Sanchez’s favorite target at least until Holmes is back from suspension. Already has 226 yards and 3 td’s. Most leagues had him as a FA too.

  3. I picked Hernandez in a 12 team league, let’s see what he can do? I like him as a wide receiver to be honest with you.

  4. Hernandez is quickly becoming Brady go to guy. I’m seeing less of Welker and more of the big Florida man. Unfortunatly, Hernandez wasn’t even to overcome Sanchez and the Jets.

  5. The word on Hernandez is pretty impressive. You’re blog is helping be better understand the fantasy football world and how it works. It’s more complicated than I thought! (In a good way)

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