Bruce Gradkowski: My man crush of the week

Some may think I’m crazy for this, but before you go and write me off for this one, hear me out.  The Raiders are going up against the Texans this week.  Most people, like myself, think of the Texans as a pretty good team that should have their way with the Raiders.  However that might not be the case this week. 

The lowest number of fantasy points the Texans D has giving up to opposing QBs this year has been 19 points, coming from Tony Romo.  The other QBs they have been McNabb, who went for 21 points against them, and Peyton Manning who went for 29 points.  On top of that, the Texans D this year has only scored an abysmal 2 points, with 0 interceptions this season.  

Especially with the emergence of the running game with McFadden who is a top 5 fantasy RB, that should give Gradkowski some room to air it out.  Who will he throw it to though?  Look for him to air it downfield to Murphy who has been a sleeper himself, scoring double-digit fantasy points in the last 2 games, and Miller the tight end who is always a reliable target and one of Gradkowski’s favorite. 

The final thing that will help Gradkowski this week is that he is mobile.  especially with Mario Williams lining up on the other side of the ball, don’t be surprised if Ol’ Bruce scrambles a little bit, picking up some rushing yards. 

Bruch Gradkowski: My Man Crush Of The Week


2 responses to “Bruce Gradkowski: My man crush of the week

  1. I picked him up in a league where I start 2 quarterbacks. I have Tom Brady, Tony Romo, and Josh Freeman. Romo and Freeman both have byes, so I picked up Gradkowski and dropped Freeman in an act of desperation lol

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