Brett Favre, Larry Fitzgerald, Austin Collie, and Kyle Orton : Stock Up Or Down

Fitzgerald excitement might be replaced by anger as his fantasy stock is on the decline, photo courtesy of ESPN

 For all you fantasy owners out there who are staring at your computer screen wondering what to do with some of these players, I’m here to help.  Most likely some of you used an early pick to grab a Favre, or a Fitzgerald hoping they would reciprocate their previous seasons.  Your eyes might have even lit up a little when if came to be your pick and you still saw their names on the board.   Others might have seen Collie’s, or Orton’s name during the draft and overlooked them.  Collie could have been overlooked due to the fact that he has arguably one of the best WR and TE in the game ahead of him, and Orton, well he has no one really to throw to.    

However with 4 weeks in the book, the tide has seemed to turn.  Favre has turned out to be a fantasy bust, and Fitzgerald would be better off with a High SChool QB throwing to him.  While on the other hand, Kyle Orton and Austin Collie have been lighting up the scoreboards and are both atop the league at their respected positions.    

Stock Down:    

In 3 games this season Brett Favre has managed just 17 fantasy points, including 597 passing yards, 6 interceptions and only 2 TDs.  With Harvin still battling with migraines and Rice still out, things aren’t looking up for this grandfather who is starting to show his age.    

Even though Larry Fitzgerald is not the problem, his stock is still on the decline.  Fitzgerald is still one of, if not the most talented WR with the greatest hands, however they can’t seem to get him the ball.  With no real QB and the lack of a dominant running attack to take some pressure off of Fitzgerald, things may not get better for him this season.    

Stock Up:    

Even with his #1 receiver being Eddie Royal, and the run game seeming to be nonexistent, Kyle Orton has still managed to be the #5 QB in fantasy.  He has put up 56 points for his owners so far including, 1,419 passing yards, 6 TDs and only 3 INT.  With Moreno set to come back from injury soon, there is no reason why Orton cannot continue his hot streak.   

Who is the #1 WR in fantasy?  Austin Collie, that’s who.  With 4 straight games with at least 1 TD, Collie has piled up 398 receiving yards and 5 TDs in just 4 games.  With him having caught the eye of one of the best QBs of all time, his numbers and stock can only continue to go up.    

You don’t have to be an “expert”:  


 “I was hesitant about drafting Fitzgerlad, especially with the loss of Warner.  Then once they switched to Anderson I knew i would have wasted a draft pick getting him, so I stayed away.” – George 


“With Favre already at 6 interceptions, 1 less than all last year I am not too confident in him.  I was hoping for him to show us some of that magic he has last year, and I believed I got a steal drafting him, however to this point I’ve been wrong.”- Chris 


“Everyone called me crazy for picking up Orton in my league, since I already had Eli.  So far it’s been the right move and Orton has got me a ton of fantasy points.” – Trevor


3 responses to “Brett Favre, Larry Fitzgerald, Austin Collie, and Kyle Orton : Stock Up Or Down

  1. I snagged Collie late in my draft and he’s done well up to this point, but yeah I think he’s ready for decline for a little while. And Larry Fitzgerald is just killing me right now. Same with Favre,. i actually went so far as to drop Favre and pick up Mike Vick and Vick was awesome… till now. I also just picked up Orton cuz I needed a qb desperately n he was the highest one up on the list lol

    • I wouldn’t loose faith in Collie just yet. Will he continue to put up huge numbers? PRobably not, however with Peyton under center you can never go wrong. Fitzgerald, until they figure out their QB situation don’t expect big numbers.

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