Brett Favre + Randy Moss= A Happy Fantasy Owner

Randy Moss says goodbye to the Pats (AP photo)

Now I am well aware of the fact that no more than 48 hours ago I blogged that Brett Favre’s fantasy stock was on the decline.  However I am telling you now that I am knowingly contradicting myself and saying he stock could start to rise again, possibly even back to where people expected it to be this year, or even exceed that.  For those of you living under a rock and wondering why, it’s because according to, early Wednesday morning, wide receiver Randy Moss was traded to the Viking’s in exchange for a third-round draft pick.  

Before blogging that Favre’s stock was going down, never in my wildest dreams did I think that, A. The Pats would trade Moss, and B. He would go back to the team he started off his Hall Of Fame career with.  However, typical Bellicheck showed us once again that no veteran, no matter how good, is safe on the Pats. 

The trade, although it may seem stupid to some, actually makes sense for both parties.  The Vikings of course get Moss, and only give up a 3rd round pick.  On the other hand that Pat’s get the pick, some compensation and now have 5 picks within the first 3 rounds (2 in the 1st and 2nd round). So what does this mean for all you fantasy owners out there? 

Favre now has a new reason to celebrate (Ny Daily)

If you have Favre, keep him.  If he’s a free agent in your league, pick him up.  If he is on your bench, keep him there for another week or so, unless you have no real back-up.  Reason being is that Moss will not have a lot of time to get acclimated to this new offense, even though he will obviously be the #1 receiver.  So give it about a week or so and then start both Moss and Favre with extreme confidence.     

If you have Moss, keep him, duh!  Now in Minnesota, he has absolutely no competition for the #1 spot.  Yes, Harvin is a great receiver, but with his constant migraines, and just not being as good as Moss, he will go back to being a #2 receiver.  What about when Rice comes back?  So what, in plain words, he not Randy Moss.  On top of that, the Vikings have one key thing that the Pats don’t have that will really help Moss, Adrian “All Day” Peterson.  With such a talented and feared run game, it will clear up more than enough room for Moss to go down field, and we all know no matter how old he is, Favre loves to throw it deep.  Look for Moss who has been somewhat of a fantasy disappointment to this point, improve immensely.     

Don’t think I forgot about you other owners out there who have Patriot receivers and are now wondering what to do with them.  With Moss gone, players like Welker, Hernandez, and Gronkowski who have already had pretty good success this year will continue to do well, if not better for you owners.  Also be on the look out for Brandon Tate as he could now play an even bigger role than just a special teams specialist. 

So was I maybe a bit premature with saying Favre’s stock is on the decline? Perhaps.  Nonetheless, I am pretty confident that I got this it right. 


4 responses to “Brett Favre + Randy Moss= A Happy Fantasy Owner

  1. I’m honestly still not sold on this combination of Brett Favre and Randy Moss. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Favre try to force the ball to Moss and throw more interceptions than he already had thrown. And that would obviously make for an unhappy Moss, and more importantly an unhappy Vikings team.

    • That may happen, but who knows yet. When Farve had his go-tp guy last year in Rice it turned out quiet well. On top of that, AP has finally starting holding on to the ball so the run game will be a nice compliment and help Moss get open. With Moss, Favre is likely to air it out more, but I would be willing to bet more often then not that Moss will come down with it.

  2. This combo could work as long as the Vikes possess a winning record. An unhappy Randy may create too much locker room tension, and then everyone loses, including fantasy owners.

    • It is true that Moss can be a locker room problem, however the outburst agianst the QB coach in NE is the only one we really heard about during his 3 year stint. He should get alot of targets and catches, however I am fully aware it could back fire and he could then be pissed and in return piss everyone else off, but I’m guessing for the time being that it’ll work and fantasy owners should be on the lookout for both

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