Phillip Rivers: My Man Crush Of the Week

Rivers has thrown his way to the top of the fantasy point scorers (Ap Photo)

With 1,328 passing yards, 9 TDs, and 4 INTs, Phillip Rivers is the 3rd overall point getter in fantasy with 81 points.  These points have not come sporadically either, Rivers posted 19 points in week 1, 21 in week 2, 24 in week 3, and 17 in week 4.  Is this really a surprise to most people?  Kind of.  Even though  Rivers has been among the top fantasy QB’s as over the last few years, the season he is having so far has not been expected.

Coming into the season Rivers was without his two main threats, Ladainian Tomlinson, and Vincent Jackson.  Tomlinson of course gave the Chargers a strong run game, taking pressure off of Rivers, and Jackson was Rivers main target, averaging over 1,000 yds and 8 TDs in the past 2 seasons.  With them gone, Rivers production was expected to go down.  surprisingly it hasn’t.

Even without rookie Ryan Mathews in the line-up as of late, other players such as RB Mike Tolbert, and WR Malcolm Floyd have gone from no names to house-hold names.  It also doesn’t hurt that he is throwing to arguably one of the best tight ends in the league, Antonio Gates.

Also, just because Rivers got off to a hot start, do not expect him to cool off, especially with his week 5 match-up pinning him against the Raiders.  Although the Raiders are the 3rd rank defense against the pass, do not expect them to shut down Rivers.  I say this because the QBs they have faced to this point have been Bradford, Young,  and Anderson.  Although they did face Schaub last week, they faced him without Andre Johnson.  They have not really been tested this year, so expect Rivers to pick them apart and continue his dominance.  Start him with confidence.

My Prediction : 250 yds passing, 3 Tds (21 points)


One response to “Phillip Rivers: My Man Crush Of the Week

  1. I grabbed Rivers as my QB after Brady, Rodgers, and Schaub were gone. I think he’s easily a top-five QB in the league and he’s putting up numbers this year without all-star players. Kind of like Brady in 2001, 2003, and 2004 and look where that got him.

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