David Garrard, Kenny Britt, and Zach Miller: Fantasy Fillers

Garrard hopes to throw his way on to your roster (AP photo)

For all you owners out there heading into week 6 with players on byes, or out with injuries, listen up.  If you have a spot on your startling line-up that you need to fill, Britt, Garrard, and Miller are worth a second look.

Although he is the 13th ranked QB in fantasy football , only 41% of people own, and 22% start David Garrard.  So that means chances are exceptionally good that he is available in you league.  Why grab him?  Well his week 6 match-up pins him against the Titans, who rank 27th overall in pass defense, and just let Tony Romo throw for over 400 yards against them.  Obviously Garrard is not Romo, nor does he have the same weapons as him, but the odds are in his favor to put up a lot of fantasy points.  On top of that Garrard has been hot in his last two games, combining for over 300 yards passing and 5 passing TDs, and running for almost 100 yards and 1 rushing TD.

Then there is Kenny Britt, who is only owned by 36%, and started by 5%.  That means he is out there waiting to be picked up, and his week 6 match-up versus the Jaguars gives him a good argument.  The Jaguars are the 29th ranked defense against the pass, and 14th against the rush.  That means they will most likely try to shut down Chris Johnson, and put more attention on him then they do Britt. If this is the case and Britt is left open, watch out because over the past 3 games even though he has only caught 9 passes, 3 of them were for TDs.  Young is a very streaky QB and when he finds a target he likes, regardless of where it is on the field, he tends to ride it.  So while the streak is still on, take a second look at Britt.

While Mille hopes to jump in to your starting line-up (AP photo)

Finally there is Zach Miller.  Although 96% of owners have him, only 47 % start him.  C’mon owners, he is the 4th ranked TE in all of fantasy.  He has 3 straight games with a TD and double-digit fantasy points.  Although Gradkowski’s status for next week is unknown, it shouldn’t matter as Campbell is likely to look at him as well.  He has been the most consistent offensive threat for them this season, and look for it to continue, especially against the 49ers in week 6, as their 21st ranked defense against the pass will surely give Miller opportunities to score.


2 responses to “David Garrard, Kenny Britt, and Zach Miller: Fantasy Fillers

  1. I have Garrard as a back up incase my starter gets hurt, not a bad backup to have. I keep flip-flopping with Britt. I had him, dropped him, had, and then dropped him again. lol It might be time to grab again seeing as Justin Gage is hurt. And I’ve had Zach Miller since the start of the season and because he has a week 1 bye, meaning I wouldn’t have to grab another tight end anytime soon. Definitely didn’t expect him to be playing this well for a team that isn’t that great.

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