Fantasy Football’s Top 5 Suprises

With 6 weeks in the books, from a fantasy stand point, this season has been anything but a predictable one.  Some players (with much delight to their owners) have come completely out of nowhere, making their owners look brilliant for selecting them.   With that being said, let’s take a look at the top 5 surprises to this point.

Top 5 Surprises:

5. LaDainian Tomlinson – RB (85 points through week 6)  Only a few years ago there was the great debate, Peterson or Tomlinson.  Yet over recent years some people would laugh at the question.  With his stock definitely on the decline heading into this season, Tomlinson has silenced all doubters.  Over 6 weeks he has amassed 490 rushing yards and 5 rushing TD’s to go along with his 180 rec. yards.  Although he may not be the LT of those golden years, he has turned himself, once again, into a fantasy threat.

Nicks celebrates one of his many touchdowns (AP photo)

4. Hakeem Nicks – WR (75 points through week 6) Coming into week 6, Nicks was the #1 WR in fantasy football with 409 rec. yards and 6 TD’s.  Even though disappointing doesn’t even begin to explain his week 6 game vs. the Lions, it is clear he has become Eli’s go to guy.  Although he does not get the most receptions (about 5-6 per game) most of his receptions come in the red-zone.  This point became clear during week 1 when he caught 4 passes for 3 touchdowns.  Although Eli is a streaky QB, expect him to keep looking for Nicks.

3. Brandon Lloyd – WR (74 points through week 6) Right behind Nicks, Lloyd was the #2 WR in fantasy.  Even with a very tough match-up against the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets in week 6, Lloyd still managed over 70 yards receiving.  With his QB Orton on a tear to this point, expect Lloyd’s big numbers to this point continue.

2. Arian Foster – RB (115 points through week 6) Be honest, before this season have you even heard of Foster before?  Unless you know a lot about the NFL or are an avid Texans fan, you probably haven’t.    Especially with such a pass first offense with Schaub and Johnson, nobody expected a running back to steal the show in Houston.  However, to this point in the season, Foster is the #2 point getter in all of fantasy with 635 rushing yards, 6 TD’s to go along with 180 rec. yards and 1 TD.  Do not look for things to slow down for him either as Foster continues to rack up the points.

Drum roll please… And the #1 fantasy surprise to this point …

Kyle Orton (AP photo)

1. Kyle Orton – QB (110 points through week 6) Entering this season it was not clear that Orton would be the starter for long, especially with the arrival of Tebow and Quinn.  Nonetheless, Orton did not take these guys lightly as he has entered that 2010-11 season as absolutely lit it up for his fantasy owners.  It could be argued that Foster has been more of a surprise than Orton to this point, but in the sense of most consistently putting together great performances, Orton takes the cake.  Not taking anything away from Foster but he did have a shaky week 5 performance, as well as a not so stellar week 2 game.  That being said, Orton is the 4th highest scorer in fantasy to this point with 1,942 passing yards and 9 TD’s to this point.  With the emergence of Lloyd, and strong play for the rest of the team, look for Orton to remain a top point getter for the remainder of the season.


4 responses to “Fantasy Football’s Top 5 Suprises

  1. Just like all of you busts, i also have all of these guys too. There’s always a few surprises every year and fantasy and that’s who get teams in the playoffs and wins hem championships. I know its worked for me anyway.

  2. When I saw the way LT was running this year I was surprised. I was also suprised when I saw those WR you mentioned. Arian Foster was suprise. Orton SUPRISE!

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