Top 5 Fantasy Busts to This Point

While some players have come out of left field and made their owners overzealous, other players have had their owners scratching their heads wondering why they grabbed or, or even ripping their hair out. So let’s take a look at who has been a bust so far this season through 6 weeks.


Top 5 Busts:

5. Chad Ochocinco– WR (35 points through week 6) With the addition on T.O big things were expected from this man.  Preseason many analyst were selecting them as super bowl favorites.  Then, even though they got whacked by the  Pats in week one, fantasy owners were thrilled as Ocho grabbed 12 passes for 159 and a TD.  Since then, in his next 4 games he has yet to even add up to his week one performance with 4, 3, 5, and 2 points in the succeeding weeks.  It may not be all his fault as out #4 guy may have something to do with it, however until then things do not look good for Ochocinco. 

Palmer has given his owners reasons to be upset (Getty Images)

4. Carson Palmer–  QB (60 points through week 6)  With the strong run game from Benson a year ago, and the addition of future hall-of-famer Terrell Owens, it seemed the Palmer would finally live up to his fantasy potential.  That hasn’t been the case.  Although his week 1 and 4 performance were not that bad, they came against a horrendous Browns defense, and he gained a bunch of junk yards after the Pats were blowing them out.  Big, big things were expected of him this year, however once again he has failed to live up to the hype.

3. Maurice Jones-Drew – RB (56 points through week 6)  Now this may not be his fault at all really.  He cannot help that his team is just flat out terrible.  Nonetheless last year he was a top 10 overall fantasy point scorer and was considered a top-5 pick heading into this year.  His numbers to this point, 463 rush yards and a measly TD against an abysmal Colts run D.  With Garrard out with a concussion, things do not look good for MJD.

2. Ray Rice– RB (65 points through 6 weeks)  The injury plagued, under achieving Rice has been a huge disappointment to owners this year.  The 3rd ranked player in the draft has seriously under achieved to this  point from a fantasy standpoint.  Now I am aware he’s been hurt, and that he also had a huge game against Denver (22 points), however when you’re the 3rd ranked player overall you are expected to do that every game.  Other than the one performance he has had one double-digit game.  With a strong pass game to help clear the way for him, he should be producing much more than he has (451 rush yards and 2 TD’s).  Although many may disagree with this pick, as suppose to what was expected of him this year, he has definitely been a bust.

And the biggest bust to this point……

Like his owners, Fitzgerald is upset (AP photo)

1. Larry Fitzgerald– WR (40 points through week 6) This may be a bit harsh, considering that Fitzgerald may have more success with a high school QB throwing to him, but fantasy is never fair.  Is he still one of the best WR in the game? Absolutely, however from a fantasy standpoint he is just not producing.  Taken by many very early in the draft, he is averaging 8 points a week (that is less than Santana Moss, Braylon Edwards, and Dwayne Bower) just to name a few, and those players were selected way later than him.  Until the Cardinals develop a run game and have a legit QB, things are only going to get worse for Fitzgerald who only s averaging 50 yds/game and has only 2 TD’s.  Although it may not be his fault, you might want to look to dump or trade him if you got him, sorry guys.


5 responses to “Top 5 Fantasy Busts to This Point

  1. its kind of weird how you can be one of the best recievers in the NFL yet be a total let down in fantasy football. do you personally put more blame on the QB or how the cardinals play in general?

  2. The sad thing is I have all these bums on at least one of my teams. Definitely let downs, especially with Fitzgerald and Palmer. Im getting by because of people that no one thought would do too much in fantasy. Jahvid Best for a few weeks, Hakeem Nicks, Michael Vick, a bunch a guys are surprising this year.

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