Darren McFadden: Can You Trust Him?

DMac showing off his tats (Arkansas Sports)

With only 5 games under his belt in the 2010-11 NFL season, Darren McFadden is showing off more than just his tats, as he has already achieved career highs in rushing yards (557), yards per rush (5.5), yards per game (111.4), rushes over 20 yards (6), attempts per game (20.2) and tied his career high with TDs in a season (5).  It doesn’t hurt that he is also on track to one-up all his previous career highs in receiving as well (already has 193 receiving yards and his first 2 career receiving TDs). With all that being said, he is well on his way to making his fantasy owners no longer feel idiotic allowing him to take up a roster spot on their team, and even possibly a starting spot. 

On the downside, and there is one BIG downside, he is still on the Oakland Raiders, and the Oakland Raiders, well there still the Oakland Raiders.  So does that mean you shouldn’t trust him in fantasy?  In laymen’s terms, NO!

McFadden running his way to the top

There is a reason this guy was a top-5 draft pick in ’07, and he is finally starting to show why.  Although I do not trust the Raiders as a team, from a fantasy stand point I surely trust Run DMC.  Even with missing two weeks with a hamstring injury, McFadden is a top-5 fantasy scorer for running backs.  On top of that, he has put up double digits in every game he has played. In order (skipping weeks 5 and 6 in which he did not play) McFadden has got his owners; 20, 14, 17, 12, and most notability his week 7 performance were he put up 43 points. 

Expect McFadden to continue to put up big numbers.  If you got him on your bench I think it’s time to throw him in your starting line-up (since only 42.2% of people start him), and if you can, trade for him. Although I never thought I’d say this but ,it finally seems like the Raiders got it right.


6 responses to “Darren McFadden: Can You Trust Him?

  1. McFadden is just incredable. Ive never seen a better rusher in MY LIFE! 557 rushing yards already! there is no dought that he is well on his way to the record books. I mean have you ever seen a RB with 2 receiving TDs? I didn’t think so. And on top of that he is an amazing friend and teammate. Everyone who meets him seems to fall in love. He is single handedly turning around the Raiders and they are a legitament threat for anyone in the league. Run DMC= Future HOF.

  2. I was shocked McFadden had the game he did. I mean, he is a good player, but I wasn’t expecting an outburst like this. This is by far the best game of his career. But, future HOF? I think that’s pushing it.

  3. Sure the raiders are only 3-4 this season, but they Raiders are playing better than people thought they would. McFadden is the main reason why. But that defense hasn’t been too bad either. And their only a game behind the Chiefs in the AFC West. This team is certainly interesting and i think I would trust McFadden because Oakland relies heavily on him.

  4. McFadden plays with my head in every draft. I always feel like he is gonna have a good year and then he doesn’t, but this year is a different story. Looking like the college McFadden we all know.

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