Top Fantasy Sleeper Pick To This Point

Since I started this blog I have been throwing out a lot of my opinion (hence why this is MY blog).  However with the rapid increase of views and comments as of late, I want to show you, the readers out there, that I appreciate your views.  That being said I am going to turn the tables and put all of you in the spot light.


I want to know who you think has been your top fantasy sleeper pick this year so far.  If you are currently in at least one fantasy football league, who is the guy you feel you have taken the biggest risk on, or gave a shot that nobody else would.  Now you do not have to actually participate in fantasy (although it would help if you did) to participate in this.  If you don’t participate in a league, who did you predict to have a breakout season tot his point that nobody else agreed with, or called you crazy for saying so?

To help get things on a roll, I will start with my pick.  During the second to last round of my fantasy draft, I selected Santana Moss.  I believed that with McNabb coming to the Redskins, Moss would return to his previous form.  That being said, even selecting him so late, people in my league still said I wasted to pick on him.  Well the joke is on them.

Now it’s your turn, drop a comment and let me and the world know who is your best sleeper.


12 responses to “Top Fantasy Sleeper Pick To This Point

  1. For sure I was going to say Ryan Grant but he hasn’t done anything this year. I got him in the second week of the season when someone stupid dropped him. They must have seen something I didnt because he has gotten me zero points sense i picked him up. Im going to go down with my ship and stick with him for the rest of the season because i know sooner or later he will break out.

    Last week I made a sweet trade tho. I needed a solid backup QB for when Clausen has the bye and I had a bunch of wicked bad WR. I traded Kenny Britt, Roddy White, and T.O. for Colt McCoy. Boy that kid was a dumby!

  2. my last two picks of my draft were mcfadden and malcolm floyd. I’ll take mcfaddens 555 rushing yards, 4 rushing tds, 2 receiving 2tds and his 106 fantasy points in 5 games along with floyd’s 513 receiving yard, 3 receiving tds and 66 fantasy points. I would say 172 fantasy points with the 15th and 16th picks of my draft isnt too bad

    • Those are some incredible last round picks. I am not too surprised Floyd was there considering he is not really a big name until as of it, however McFadden that late was an absolute steal, good for you.

  3. I don’t have a fantasy team this year dave, but I thought it was pretty funny watching people freak out after realizing they had Britt on their bench. He’s gotta be the top sleeper pick so far, right up there with Arian Foster.

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