Ryan Fitzpatrick: My Man Crush of the Week

Over the last 4 games Fitzpatrick is among the top 3 QB's in points per game

No I am not high on anything, have not been drinking, nor am I sleep deprived, yet I am picking a player from the Buffalo Bills as my fantasy football man crush of the week.  Before you go and write me off, let me explain myself.

Are the Bills a good team? Absolutely not.  Is Fitzpatrick a viable starter QB in the NFL?  Not too sure about that one.  Is Fitzpatrick a practical starting QB for fantasy football? Yes.

With 4 straight games of double digit fantasy points, and the last 3 being 20+ point performances, Fitzpatrick has catapulted himself into a top 30 overall fantasy scorer with 83 points in only 4 games.  These games have not been against scrub teams either has he has managed to put up 14 points against the Pats, 20 vs. the Jets, and 29 vs. the Ravens.  All pretty impressive numbers right?

On top of that, he has made some, such as Steve Johnson (I know what you’re thinking, Who is Steve Johnson?)  a fantasy threat as well (Johnson is the 11th ranked WR in fantasy).

However, let’s get back to Fitzpatrick.  His week 8 match-up pins him against the Chiefs.  The Chiefs to this point have one of the best run stopping defenses in the NFL.  With the Bills having virtually no run game, expect them to rely heavily on Fitzpatrick.  Also, look for the Bills to fall behind early, again giving Fitzpatrick more opportunities to air it out.  If this comes to be the scenario, fantasy owners out there might want to take a second look at Fitz because the Chiefs have shown this season that they cannot stop the pass that much (Phillip Rivers threw for 298 yards and 2 TDs, Schaub threw for 305 and 2 TDs, and even let Jaguar’s 3rd string QB put up 222 yards and 2 TDs).

Will Fitzpatrick stay hot forever?  Probably not.  But if Las Vegas has taught us anything, you don’t stop when you’re on a heater, and Fitzpatrick is defiantly on a heater.


One response to “Ryan Fitzpatrick: My Man Crush of the Week

  1. I have a choice of going with Ryan Fitzpatrick or Jon Kitna. I went with Kitna because he’s facing one of the worst passing defenses in the NFL. And I think the Chiefs defense is better than people give them credit for. I’m still debating on whether to switch back to Fitzpatrick but who knows.

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