Fantasy Football: What’s your take on it?

Fantasy football is one of, if not the most, popular of all the sport fantasy leagues out there.  Each year it draws in millions upon millions of players.  It gives people who might not be immense football fans a reason to watch each Sunday, Monday, and sometimes Thursdays.  While on the other hand it gives those football fanatics out there even more of a reason to watch (as if they needed any).  Fantasy football also gives friends bragging rights over others, a feeling of superiority, and in some cases some money.  That being said, fantasy football also has its done sides.

At times, fantasy can be one of the most infuriating things known to man.  Just imagine sitting on the couch with your friends, watching your starting quarterback drop back and throw a bomb deep down field to a wide open receiver.  All the receiver has to do is catch it and you have the points you need to seal your victory, and guess what happens, he drops the ball. Even better, your starting running back breaks free down field and scores a HUGE touchdown, only to have it called back on holding.  Or a fantasy owners nightmare.  You are sitting at your computer, pulling your hair out trying to decide which player to put in.  After thinking long and hard about it you make your decision.  The player you put in turns out to be a big bust and the guy you sat, well he just went off for the fantasy game of his life.

Nonetheless, fantasy football is something people love, and love to hate.  All that aside what is your take on fantasy football?

I’ll get it started…..


2 responses to “Fantasy Football: What’s your take on it?

  1. personally, i love it. I couldn’t imagine not playing fantasy. However, it drives me mad, especially this year loosing close games. My record to this point is a disapointing 3-5, with 4 of my loses coming by a combined 8 points.

    • I just started like 2 or 3 years ago with fantasy football and now I’m hooked. I don’t know what I’d do without it. Whenever I’m at work and i have nothing to do, I’m usually checking on my fantasy football teams since I’m in front of a computer anyway. I have so many leagues, can’t have just one. In my best league I’m 8-0 and in my worst I’m 3-5. My luck may be coming to an end in my 8-0 league as I’ve won my last two games by a combined 7 points after blowing teams out the first 6 weeks.

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