Randy Moss to the Titans, and what could it mean for your fantasy team

As you all may know, Randy Moss was released by the Minnesota Vikings earlier this week.  For a brief time Moss remained unsigned.  Then earlier today the Tennessee Titans picked him up, making Randy Moss the newest member to their roster.  So now that he is on the Titans, what does that mean for your fantasy line-up?  If you have Vince Young, Kenny Britt, Brett Favre, Percy Harvin, or Moss himself you might want to listen up.

If you have:

Young may have more reasons to jump for joy as Moss is now a Titan (AP photo)

Vince Young You’re in luck.  Tennessee has something that makes any pass game that much better, a strong run game.  Also, Young has been known to fall in love with certain receivers and ride them, and Moss is the perfect candidate.  With Young’s strong-arm and Moss’s speed this duo should be a hit.  Expect great things from Young.  If got you him, keep him, even start him.

Kenny Britt– Sorry, the ride is over.  Just when it seemed that Britt was going to hit his stride his was stricken with a hamstring injury.  Even before the arrival of Moss, Britt was expected to miss a great deal of time.  Even if he does come back before season’s end, with Moss the new #1 things do not look good for Britt.  I’d drop him.

 Brett Favre– It has been a rollercoaster of a season to this point for Favre and things look as if they’re going down again.  Although the pair of Moss and Favre didn’t work out as many had hoped, he at least gave them that threat.  With Rice still out and Berrian nowhere to be found, Favre’s fantasy future looks grim.  Don’t drop him just yet, but defiantly sit him. 

Harvin may lose that smile soon as he has lost the other threat that has left him open lately (NFL.com)

Percy Harvin– Once again, things do not look to well for another Vikings player.  Before Moss came to Minnesota, Harvin has not done much at all.  Then the games in which Moss was there, Harvin had his best games from a fantasy standpoint.  Now that he is the only threat again, expect his numbers to decline.  Do not drop or trade him, but you might be best off sitting him on your bench.

Randy Moss– Well they say that 3rd time is the charm, and that might be the case here.  As all the reasons stated above as to why Young will be successful, those reasons can be applied to Moss as well.    On top of that, Moss has nobody to compete with for the main role with Britt out and Gage still out.  If you are worried about chemistry, it is the Titans bye-week so it gives Moss and Young that much more time to get acclimated to each other.  Third team this season, so what!  As long as his name is Randy Moss, he will continue to be Randy Moss. Keep him, start him, and expect great things.


One response to “Randy Moss to the Titans, and what could it mean for your fantasy team

  1. I’ve got all these players on at least one team except for Vince Young. I personally don’t think Moss will gain much from this as he probably see double teams and he hasn’t shown the ability most times to get out of them. I actually feels players around him will gain more value like Justin Gage or a Bo Scaife.

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