Fantasy Football trades & How to go About Them

So you’re sitting at your computer.  You’re in your comfy, cushioned chair that rocks back and forth, anxiously waiting for the next round to come so you can draft another player.  Let’s say for situational sake that on the board (for this year’s draft) is DeAngelo Williams and Arian Foster.  One might look at those two and have a debate within themselves.  Williams is a vet, only 2 years ago he had 18 touchdowns, and although he may split carries, he’s a solid back.  Then there’s Foster who had a few big games at the end of last year but really isn’t a well-known name, on top of that he’s on a pass-first team.  After having a personal debate with yourself you go with Williams.

Now it’s 9 weeks later and you are absolutely kicking yourself for passing up on Foster, and still stuck with one of the biggest busts of the year in Williams.  It sounds like it’s time to make a trade to try to dump off Williams.  So how do you go about it?


Trading in fantasy is no easy task.  According to avid football fan and fantasy football enthusiast, Chris Matarazzo, “There are three things you need to look for when trying to make a trade.”  He proceeds,”Those things are; is it fair for both sides? Is it beneficial to you? And is it beneficial to other party(s)?”  Few could argue those points.

When it comes to making it fair for both sides that is a cardinal rule.  You cannot go into a trade offering a kicker and expect to get Adrian Peterson in return.  If you want a player of great value you either have to offer a player of great value or follow the other rules listed above. 

Making it beneficial to you and the other party is also key.  Although everyone would love to have an Arian Foster or a Chris Johnson if you do not need one don’t go after them.  For example, if your running back core is strong, but you need a wide receiver, do not go trying to trade with somebody for a high scoring running back.  In fact the first step you might take to make a trade is to look for someone in need of a running back.  Once you do that, see who they have for wide receivers.   If they happen to have a plethora of wide receivers, well then you are in luck and can offer a legitimate trade. 

If you complete all of these steps, you might just be able to get rid of that bust, fill that position that’s been letting you down,  or just make your team that much stronger.


8 responses to “Fantasy Football trades & How to go About Them

  1. My favorite blog posts are the ones featuring Matarazzo. He knows so much about fantasy football and he’s a pretty good looking guy too.

  2. Any advice for those playing in a league with managers that are “less than honorable” when it comes to trading? I’m stuck wiith a bevy of fools who constantly propose ludicrous trades (Chris Johnson for Jason Campbell anyone?) and others who attempt to veto any move they don’t like based merely on principal. Short of changing leagues completely, is there any hope of making such managers see the light?

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