Colt McCoy, Jon Kitna, Shaun Hill, and Josh Freeman: Fantasy Relievers

If bye weeks and injuries  have decimated you at the quarterback position, you should not lose hope just yet.  With so many QBs either hurt or on bye, like Vince Young, Chad Henne, Mathew Stafford, and Tony Romo it is likely that many owners are less than pleased. With a plethora of quarterbacks still available in most leagues, there is still light at the end of the tunnel.  That being said, be on the lookout for Hill, McCoy, Kitna, and Freeman.

McCoy has thrown himself into the spotlight (

Starting with Colt McCoy.  When the Browns drafted him as a 3rd round pick, they got away with robbery.  There was a reason this “kid” was the most triumphant QB in college football history.  With that being said, he has continued his winning ways with victories over the defending champs, New Orleans Saints, the New England Patriots, and almost defeating the New York Jets.  On top of that, it does not look like Delhomme or Wallace will be back anytime soon.  So in their absence McCoy has been called upon to face quiet possibly 4 of the best teams in the NFL (Saints, Steelers, Jets, and Pats). Against the Steelers he managed 13 points, Saints 3, Pats 14, and Jets 13.  Although he is not putting up monster points, he is consistently putting up double-digit points against those top-tier defenses.  So there is no reason he doesn’t deserve a spot on your fantasy team. (And don’t worry about missing your chance on him only 3% of people own him)

Then there is Shaun Hill.  With Mathew Stafford constantly battling injuries, the Lions have called upon Shaun Hill to fill his shoes.  Although from an NFL standpoint the Lions might not be flourishing to this point, yet from a fantasy stance Hill has.  Although he has had some low points, Hill has shown owners out there that even against a top defense he can produce.  This is true due to the fact that his three best fantasy game (20, 21 and 22 points) came against Green Bay, Philadelphia, and St. Louis.  With Stafford likely out for a while, and only 5.4% of people owning Hill I would say there is an excellent chance that you can, and fine reason you should grab him. 

Then comes possibly the rebirth of Jon Kitna.  After his tenure in Detroit didn’t fare so well it seemed all was lost for Kitna.  He spent a few season backing up Romo in Dallas but was never really called upon until now.  His first couple of games, let’s be honest, sucked for Dallas, although he did manage 12 and 15 points in his first two games.  Nonetheless after a less than impressive 7 point effort versus the Packers, it seems that when it mattered Kitna responded.  It could be due to the new coaching, but whatever the reason is Kitna came back 23 point game against the Giants.  The Dallas offense looks revitalized, and with Kitna’s new favorite target on the field (Dez Bryant) things can only get better.  Owned by 8.8% of people, odds are if you need him you can get him. 

Freeman is averaging 14 points/game making him #10 QB in fantasy (

Finally there is Josh Freeman.  Lately, as far as football goes, there hasn’t been much to cheer about since their Super bowl appearance which may as well have been 100 years ago.  Nonetheless that may chance as Freeman has taken himself and the Bucs to a new level.  Freeman has raised his status and become the 10th ranked overall fantasy QB.  That being said, surprisingly he is only owned b 57% of people in fantasy. Although he has yet to surpass the 20 point mark this season, he has only had 1 game in which he did not score at least 10 points.  He averages 14 points/game and deserves at the very least a second look.  If you need a QB, give Freeman a chance.


6 responses to “Colt McCoy, Jon Kitna, Shaun Hill, and Josh Freeman: Fantasy Relievers

  1. Definitely hear ya with Hill, Kitna and Freeman. McCoy is a bit questionable to me though. He’s a very good quarterback… but I don’t think he is a fantasy quarterback yet. He manages the game well for his team in the actual games. When it comes to fantasy, I don’t think he puts up the numbers that fantasy owners are looking for.

  2. The bye week dilemma is usually a dicey proposition for most owners. if you draft a starting QB with a high pick, he’s typically your workhorse that you must count on week in and week out. When he has a week off, it can be a roll of the dice, where others on your team must pick up the slack in the points department.

    All that said, I faired quite well by picking up David Garrard late in free agency to sub for Aaron Rodgers. Only one problem, my opponent grabbed Michael Vick. Take a wild guess how that matchup turned out.

    • Schaub has been up and down this year, some games hes a stud and others a dud, Freeman has been consistenly average. So that is tough, u take a risk with Schaub but ur not giving urself a big chance for lots of points with Freeman

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