Top Single-Game Fantasy Football Performances of the Last Decade

Vick's 49 point game ranks 3rd for this decade (

After Mike Vick threw and ran wild all over the Washington Redskins, fantasy owners everywhere were calling it the single greatest performance in fantasy football history.  Although his performance Monday night was one for the record books, it was not even the best fantasy performance within the last 10 years.  Do not get me wrong, his performance on Monday night was a spectacle in itself, and just watching him was beyond words.  According to ESPN, Vick’s 49-point performance was the highest among any QB since 1960, helping 90% of owners who played him win.  Unfortunately there were a select few out there (20%) who sat him on their bench.

Nonetheless when it comes to top single-game fantasy performances in the last decade, Vick’s performance places him tied for 3rd.  In fact, the number one performance came in 2003 through the efforts of Clinton Portis.  In 03′ Portis and the Broncos took on the Kansas City Chiefs and Portis went on a rampage.  When the 4th quarter clock struck 00:00, Portis had finished the game with over 200 yards rushing, over 30 yards receiving, and 5 rushing TD’s giving him 54 fantasy points, and giving his owners something to be over zealous about.  The other top performers of the decade go as followed:

2. Shaun Alexander 2002- 52 points

3. Mike Vick 2010 and Mike Anderson 2002- 49 points

5.  Priest Holmes 2000 and Fred Taylor 2000- 48 points

7.  Jimmie Smith 2000 and Marshal Faulk 2002 and Jerome Harrison 2009- 47 points

10. Adrian Peterson 2007- 46 points

However, these rankings are not all that accurate due to the fact that fantasy football has not been around since the start of the NFL.  With that being said did a recap of the top performances by players throughout the history of the NFL and used standard scoring (WR and RB a point for every 10 yards and 6 points for a TD and QBs 25 yards/point and 4 for a TD) to determine the top fantasy performers of all time.


5 responses to “Top Single-Game Fantasy Football Performances of the Last Decade

  1. I had him Orton, and Ryan on my team and they all got at least 33+. I felt like an idiot going into that game because I did’nt start Orton or Ryan, but I came out a genius for starting Vick.

  2. Sweet list. It’s always interesting looking back at some of the great running backs like Shaun Alexander and Mike Anderson that we watched in middle school.

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