Frank Gore out…Brian Westbrook in?

Westbrook's 19-point breakout game has opened many fantasy owner's eyes

Could this be the revival of Brian Westbrook’s career?  Sorry to say, but probably not.  However if you are in any part of the 100% of fantasy football leagues out there then somebody in your league had Frank Gore.  With Gore fracturing his hip Monday night vs. the Cardinals he is done for the season, leaving  a huge hole in some owner’s line-ups.  Yet it did give Westbrook and Anthony Dixon some room to shine.

Once given the opportunity Monday night, both shined.  Dixon finished the game with 54 rush yards and a touchdown, however Westbrook stole the show.  When the 4th quarter whistle blew and the clock read 00:00, Westbrook had amassed 136 rushing yards and a touchdown on 23 carries.  So does this mean that Westbrook in the new go-to guy in San Fran, not likely.  Nonetheless there is no reason you should not pick him up in your league if you had Gore, or are in need for another RB.  Matthew Berry of ESPN also agrees saying that,”There is no reason you shouldn’t pick him up.”

Do not get too excited just yet.  Westbrook will still be sharing carries with Dixon, who is most likely the future at the RB position after Gore, but still expect Westbrook to produce.  All Monday’s game was, was a reminder that Westbrook is capable of a game like this.  Even though it was his first 100+ yard rushing game since 2008, he spent years before then in Philly having games just like this.  So he might not give you a 19-point performance every game like he did Monday, but he will give you solid points.  His upcoming opponents to seem to pose as too much of a threat either as he faces Arizona again week 17, Seattle week 14 and St. Louis week 16.  Although he does face a tough Packers and San Diego defense, he still should be your first pick-up off the free agent wire this week.  Go Westbrook!


3 responses to “Frank Gore out…Brian Westbrook in?

  1. The thing that is bad about this situation is the 49er’s are awful, so Westbrook might not hold any value. I mean I would be embarrassed if anyone in my family picked them to go to the superbowl.

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