Matt Cassel: My Man Crush of the Week

Somehow Cassel remains unclaimed in 40% of leagues (

It is beyond me why this guy is still available in over 40% of fantasy football leagues.  HELLO!!!!! This guy is a top-ten rated quarterback in fantasy (170 points), only 1 point behind Matt Ryan, and only 23 points behind Peyton Manning and Mike Vick who has ranked 4th.

In his last 3 games, he has put up 32, 15, and 27 points with 10 TDs and 0 interceptions.  In plain words, this guy has been lights out.  In fact his week 13 opponent, the Denver Broncos, was the team he just threw 469 yards and 4 TDs only two weeks ago (32 points)!!  On top of that, with the exception of his week 14 opponent, the Chargers, the rest of his schedule looks to be smooth sailing.  Week 15 he takes on the Rams, 16 the Titans, and then he wraps up the season with a home game vs. the Raiders.  Believe me, I know there are still some of you out there who are shaky at the QB position with all of the injuries and shaky performances this season, so trust me, I strongly recommend you give you a second, third, or even fourth look. 

Still not convinced?  I’ll leave you with this stat.  Since week 3 nobody, NOBODY, not Brady, Manning, Brees, or even Rivers has thrown more TD passes the Cassel’s 21 TDs.


4 responses to “Matt Cassel: My Man Crush of the Week

  1. I’d grab him in the league I’m in if I didn’t already have Mike Vick, Matt Ryan, and Kyle Orton. I’m freakin’ loaded at QB. I have 3 o the top 7 QBs in my league on my team. lol

  2. Cassel has been great. Heck, I would pick him up but Aaron Rodgers has been just fine. And, what’s probably most amazing of all is the way Cassel performed this past week with Dwayne Bowe going M.I.A. Definietly a strong pickup for those making a playoff push in fantasy.

    • Def a strong performance yet agian from Cassel, and good point with his only real target without a single catch, no one will blame you for not picking him up with Rodgeres, who is the #1 qb in fantasy

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