The Guide To Fantasy Football Drafting

With the beginning of the much anticipated NFL season one the horizon that can only mean one thing, Fantasy Football.  With Fantasy Football being as unpredictable as New England weather, participating in and managing a Fantasy team can be a tough task.  Not to fear as I am here to help you get off on the right foot.  In order to achieve this task, you must draft well.

Whether you are a seasoned vet, or a complete newcomer to Fantasy Football, none of us are immune to making mistakes during the all-important Fantasy Football draft.  Enough of the chit-chat, as I am ready to break down the drafting strategy in laymen’s terms.

AP always a reliable pick (AP photo)

The First Pick:

PICK THE SURE THING!!!! This is not the time to gamble.

All too often this is where people make the biggest mistakes (especially with the #1 overall pick).  When your time on the clock arrives in the first round and you’re staring down the names still available, here are the only three positions you should even be looking at.

1st: Running back.  Why? With the NFL becoming more and more a pass-first league, there are only a handful of elite running backs.  Short as sweet, if you can grab one of these elite running backs it can make your team a force to be wrecking with because the drop off from elite to average running backs is massive.

2nd: Quarterback.  ONLY on ONE CONDITION.  That condition being that this QB is head over heels above any other QB in the league and their expectations for the season are insurmountably higher than the rest.  One example would be in ’07 when Brady received Moss to add to Welker among others, and you knew something special would happen. Other than this, the point difference between Rivers, Manning, Brady, Brees and so on isn’t large enough to skip over a running back with your first pick.  Unless however all the elite running backs are gone by the time you pick.

3rd: Wide Receiver.  The only time I would ever recommend this is if you get screwed in the first round with a very late pick and all the running backs and QB’s worth grabbing are taken.

Second Pick:

This pick is also vital to your team.  If you grabbed an elite RB in the 1st, and there is a complimentary RB still available then do not hesitate and grab that RB, if not you grab the next best place available that is either a QB or WR.  If you grabbed a QB and there is a RB available that is worthy of your 2nd pick, GET HIM.  If you can’t and there is a receiver with high expectations and often reliable grab them.  If you nabbed a WR in the first round, in the second round you want to stay away from another WR and try and grab a worthy QB or RB and continue to build.


This is where you typically grabbed a WR if you do not have one yet, a QB is you do not have one yet, or your second RB.


Same as third round, grabbing one of those positions

Gates was a huge asset to any team last season (


This is where you can start to gamble on your picks.  If you need a second or third WR or RB go for it.  This is also the round where you can start to think about a TE that can make a difference, such as Gates, Davis and so on.


Fill any remaining open slots; do not draft back-ups yet.


Start looking at elite defenses, TE or worthy back-ups (QB, RB, WR)

From the seventh round on, this is the strategy you should continue to use until after the 10th round or so and then you can grab a kicker.  Remember your first few picks are always somebody reliable.   Don’t gamble until later and too many back-ups is never a bad thing.

This strategy is not perfect, nor full-proof because like I previously stated, Fantasy is very unpredictable.   However, if you follow these steps, you increase your chances on winning your league.  Best of luck.


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