Week 2 Outlook

Week 2 Outlook

After what was an interesting week 1 to say the least, what does this all say for week 2? In order to get a full understanding, it is necessary that we take a quick look back at week 1. During the first week, fantasy owners everywhere watched some astonishing, record –breaking performances. Whether it was Cam Newton lighting it up with 422 yards passing, 1interception and 3 total TD (29 points), Steve Smith the recipient of 178 of those yards and 2 of those TD or Tom Brady throwing for over 500 yards and throwing for 4 TD. That has lead to the top-10 performers from week one resulting in (in order):

· Tom Brady
· Chad Henne
· Steve Smith
· Cam Newton
· Drew Brees
· Wes Welker
· Ray Rice
· Mike Tolbert
· 49er’s D/ST
· LeSean McCoy

Ironically, last season six out of these 10 players never saw the top-10, with one of them (Newton) still in college. That being said, who likely to remain after week 2, and who is likely to replace them?

Let’s start with who is likely staying.

1. Tom Brady. Is there really anyone better as of late? While that may be debatable in NFL talk, in fantasy it is not. Every fantasy owner remembers what Brady did in ’07 and any other season for that matter. That means when Brady is hot, he is HOT. With Gronk and Hernandez picking up where they left off, Welker and Branch looking as good as ever and the run-duo of the law firm and Woodhead, it seems Brady will have another dynamite fantasy year.

2. Drew Brees. Short and simple, he is Drew Brees. As long as he in behind center and Sean Payton is still head coach, Brees will air the ball out and he will do so often and accurately.

3. Ray Rice. After a disappointing previous season, Rice came out with a vengeance week 1. With 100+ yards and 1 TD (26 total points) against one of the most respected defenses in the league, things look good for Ray Rice owners.

4. Finally, LeSean McCoy. With Vick under center and still mobile as ever, teams will fear not only his cannon for an arm, but his elusiveness and ability to break off a big play. With that, in addition to McCoy’s ability to catch out of the back-field, breaks tackles and have some pressure taken off of him, expect him to continue to put up big numbers and show week 1 wasn’t a fluke.

Although I will not touch on all those likely departing from the top-10 I will touch on a few of them.

1. Cam Newton. In laymen’s terms, he is still a rookie, on a bad team who had a beyond impressive week 1 against a very non-impressive Cardinals defense. Still not great accuracy and no strong run game to back him up, although he could move out of the pocket with the best of them. He could prove me wrong, but I need to see more. (He is also why I am taking out Smith)

2. Mike Tolbert. Great season a year ago, no longer to go-to guy. Jackson is back, Mathews is back, expect numbers but just not like the ones from week 1

3. Wes Welker. Great, reliable receiver, however unless your name was Moss in ’07, Brady has shown he likes to spread the ball around, A LOT. Again, expect him to still get catches, targets and points, but not numbers like in week 1.

Last, but not least, there are a few players out there, maybe in free-agents or maybe on your bench who you should strongly consider.

1. Any Patriot Tight End- Either Gronk or Hernandez should be on your team if possible. Brady likes the reliable hands and size of Gronk and the speed of Hernandez which shows as the duo had 13 combined receptions, over 200 yards and 2 TD.

2. Mathew Stafford- If healthy he has sown glimpses in the past that he can put up big points. Over 300 yards and 3 TD in week 1 is promising, and it also doesn’t hurt that he is throwing to Calvin Johnson.

3. Reggie Bush- Although he failed to live up to the hype in New Orleans, he is now the go-to guy in Miami. Lots of touches, lots of targets last night against the Patriots shows that the game-plan is to get him the ball often. Not great numbers, but defiantly a guy who can help your team out if in need of a final piece.


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