Dos and Don’ts for Week 7 Fantasy Football

      With injuries and bye weeks continuing to stack up and hurt fantasy owners everywhere, let’s take a look at some possible players to add, and players to avoid for week 7.



Matt Hasselbeck.  With over 1,400 yards passing and 9 TD thus far, Hasselbeck is tied for the 11th overall QB in standard scoring leagues.  He is ahead of names like Roethlisberger, Ryan, Rivers and Cutler.  Also, he has five pass completions of over 40 yards (10 all last season and only 5 the entire year before) and has only been sacked seven times.  In addition, he passer-rating is 95.9, and it hasn’t been that high this late into a season since 2005.  Finally, his week seven opponent is the Houston Texans, a team known for their notoriously bad secondary.  Only owned in 51% of leagues, he’s out there if you need him.


Curtis Painter:  Although he has been some-what impressive as far as fantasy goes in his first three starts, scoring 19, 17, and 10, this week doesn’t look good for him.  With no run-game to rely on, and an improved Saints defense, don’t look for Painter to have a big day.  The Colts will likely go down early, forcing Painter to throw, and the Saints know this and will key in on him.

Running Back:


Earnest Graham.  A solid 100+ yard game versus an above average Saints defense was a promising sign.  Although he is going up against a good Bears defense, Graham is their only real option at running back with Blount out.  I do not expect him to have another 100+ yard week, but I do expect him to get the ball around the goal-line.  Like Hasselbeck, he is available, only owned in 66% of leagues.


Tim Hightower.  Although I praised him at the beginning of the year, and he got off to a hot start, he has cooled off as of late.  He was announced the starter last week, but didn’t play a snap.  Even though he is playing a week Carolina defense, I wouldn’t feel comfortable starting him until the backfield situation in Washington is figured out.

Wide Receiver


Eric Decker.  With Orton out and Lloyd in St. Louis, Decker should be in your starting line-up.  Decker was a fantasy stud this season even before Lloyd’s departure, and with a new quarterback in, he is going to look for a trusty receiver to throw to.  With Decker one of the only sure-hands left on the team, expect him to get many targets.


Pierre Garcon.  3,2,8,26,24 and 3.  Those are Garcon’s weekly points in fantasy thus far.  Those numbers place him in the same category as Devery Henderson, the category of a hit or miss player.  Unfortunately, with the exception of two weeks he has been a total miss.  It also doesn’t help that the Colts have no running game to help create space for the passing game, and he also has to compete with Reggie Wayne for receptions.  With the Colts going to the Saints, do not expect big numbers from Garcon this week.

Tight Ends:


Fred Davis.  Davis might be one of the few things going right for the Redskins offense in fantasy football terms.  In three out of five games he has played in, he has had over 85 receiving yards.  With Cooley likely out for the remainder of the season Davis is their guy, and deserves a starting spot on most fantasy teams.  Owned in 47% of leagues, he is out there for the taking.


Kellen Winslow.  He is getting receptions, but neither the yards nor the TD reflect that.  No touchdowns to this point in the season, and only 24 total points overall have resulted in Winslow being ranked the 24th overall TE in standard scoring leagues.  Facing a good Bears defense, expect him to keep struggling.


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