Top Surprises and Busts in Fantasy Football So Far

Top 5 Surprises and Busts

With any fantasy football season a mystery until it unfolds, each season has its big surprises and major busts.  With this season about midway through, let’s take a look at the top five surprises and busts thus far.

Top Busts:

5. Roddy White- After such a monstrous season a year ago, in which he amassed 1,300 yards receiving, 115 receptions and 10 TD, many thought this year was going to be an even bigger one.  Whether it’s his fault, Jones stealing targets or Matt Ryan’s fault, White has only 435 receiving yards and 3 TD through 8 games.  Only twice this year has he scored double-digit points, and is currently is ranked at the 18th overall WR.

4. DeSean Jackson– Always capable of the big-play, Jackson hasn’t really gotten around to doing that this year.  Two straight seasons of over 1,000 yards receiving and this season he is on pace for just under 900.  487 receiving yards, and 2 TD to this point aren’t terrible considering all the issues in Philly to this point, however with expectations high, Jackson has yet to deliver thus far.

3. Reggie Bush– He finally has the chance to be THE man in Miami.  After a strong week one performance against New England, Bush looked promising.  However, through 8 weeks Bush has no rushing TD, only one 100+ yard game on the ground, and two games in double-digit fantasy points.  He ranks as the 34th overall RB, nothing special.

2. Vernon Davis– Aside from Gates, Davis has been one of the most predominant TE in fantasy overall the last few years.  With 13 TD two years ago, and 9TD and over 900 yards receiving last year, Davis was one of the first TE off the board this year.  Although he put together a nice 3-game-streak of double-digit points, those were the only weeks he did so.  In his other weeks, his point production has been 4, 1, 0 and 2.  The 14th overall TE so far, not were most expected him.

1. Chris Johnson– Has there ever been a bigger blunder then what CJ2K has done this year?  The #2 overall ranked fantasy player going into this season is now the 30th overall RB.  Just twice this season he has double-digit points, only one game with over 100 yards on the ground, and he only has 1 rushing TD.  He has looked just flat-out terrible.  Over his first three seasons he has average over 1,200 yards and 11TD, but this season he is on his way to 700 yards rushing and 3 TD, what a bust.

Top Surprises:

5. Fred Davis- Coming into the 2011-2012 season not many owners knew about Davis.  Through only 7 games, Davis has already set a career high in receiving yards (517) and is on his way to set more in TD and receptions.  Currently the #4 TE, ahead of names like Finley, Hernandez and Gonzales, Davis has been a pleasant surprise.

4.  Jimmy Graham– Sticking with TE, Graham has been an absolute beast this year.  The #1 overall fantasy TE (19 points ahead on 2nd overall Gronkowski) through 8 weeks has been a gold-mine to owners.  In just 7 games, Graham has already matched his TD total from last year (5), surpassed his receptions and yard total from last season, and is on his way to a pro-bowl year.

3. Matt Stafford- Everyone knew if this kid could stay healthy, everyone else needed to watch out.  Well, he’s been healthy, and has been a beast.  He is currently the #4 overall fantasy point-getter, averaging over 19 points a game (standard scoring leagues).  He ranks 5th overall in passer rating (99.1), 6th in yards (2,179), and 2nd overall in TD (19) Stafford has finally lived up to potential.

2. Fred Jackson– What a season through 8 weeks.  The #3 overall RB and #8 overall point-getter, Fred Jackson has been an animal.  In 4 games this season he has scored over 20 points, he is tied for the league lead with Forte with 9 rushes of 20+yards, 2nd in YPG (103) and has over 350 receiving yards.  With little expectation heading into the season, Jackson is on his way to set career highs in all statics across the board in receiving and rushing.  Those of you who have him consider yourself lucky.

1. Cam Newton– One word, STUD.  We all knew he was good, but not this good.  Through eight weeks, Cam Newton is the #1 overall fantasy scorer, period.  Only twice this season has he gone below 20 points in a game, and he has one game with over 30 points.  Almost 2,400 yards passing with 11 TD and over 300 yards rushing with 7 TD, Newton is redefining not only fantasy football, but the NFL.  Cam Newton= Stud.


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