Chad Ochocinco, Randy Moss, and Reggie Wayne; Are they still what they use to be?

The grin may not be on his face for long (photo courtesy of

Ochocinco, Wayne, and Moss all share a few similarities heading into the 2012-013 NFL season.

1. They all have a lot of new teammates (whether it is because they’re on a new team or half of their team was gutted)

2.They’re getting up there in age

3. They have plenty of doubters

Focusing on number three, do those doubters have a, and are any of these guys worth picking up for your fantasy football team?

Let’s start with Chad Ochocinco:

If Tom Brady cannot make you loud like a Pro-bowlers, then (fill in next QB name is Miami) sure wont.  A measly 15 receptions, 276 yards and 1 touchdown is good enough for one memorable game, however Ochocinco did that in 15 games, and that just doesn’t cut it.  Not to mention in the 2010 season, his last in Cincinnati, his numbers (67 receptions, 831 yards and 4 touchdowns) were his worst since 2001 (excluding 2008 when he was injured).  All this shows me is that his age (34) is starting to get to him, and although he will be the man in Miami, since the only other known WR on that team is Devon Bess, Ochocinco will not be revitalized in Miami.

Verdict- Do not pick him up

Randy Moss

He “retired” and missed all of last season.  Now he’s back with questionable, but improved Alex Smith in an attempt to pad his hall-of-fame career.  Will it work for his fantasy owners? No.  Although Moss has shown he can get it done even when he is getting older, when he isn’t “the man” there are often issues.  Like in 2010, when he wasn’t the main receiver on any of the three teams he was a part of (Patriots, Titans and Vikings) he combined for just over 400 yards receiving, 5 touchdowns and 28 receptions.  That issue of not being the go-to guy will follow him in San Francisco, as he has three or four receivers more sought out then him (Crabtree, Davis, Manningham, and some could argue Ginn, but I am willing to hear otherwise).  In addition, with Frank Gore, and now Brandon Jacobs in the backfield, it’s likely the 49ers will continue to run a lot, as they ranked 8th in the NFL last season with 127 YPG.  Sadly, those 127 yards were only 56 yards less a game then they averaged through the air, as they ranked 29th in the NFL in passing with only 183 YPG.  While they’re a great team, Moss shouldn’t expect a spike in his numbers like in 2008.

Verdict- Not worth picking up

Reggie Wayne

Let’s face, he has pretty much lost everything.  Manning, Garcon, Clark, Gonzales, and Addai are all gone.  Yet, despite all the issues he faced last season, Wayne still managed to put up a half-decent stat line (75 receptions, 960 yards and 4 touchdowns).  Now, more than ever, Wayne is “THE MAN” in Indy, as he is the only receiver worth noting on that roster, except Cody Fleener and Austin Collie.  While Fleener and Luck have chemistry, and should feed well off of each other, Luck will be targeting Wayne the most, since he is the veteran and can help Luck gain his confidence.  I am not predicting outrageous numbers for Wayne, or even a 1,000 yards season, but his numbers will be adequate.  His yards from last year may stay the same, but I am predicting an increase in his touchdown receptions.  The Reggie Wayne of old may be gone, but he is still here.

Verdict- Worth a late-round pick up, good bench WR or even Flex position in deep leagues.


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