Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2.0

Mock Draft 2

About a month ago I came out with my first mock draft for the 2012-2013 fantasy football season.  Since little has happened in the NFL, it has had a direct effect on my mock draft; being that little has changed.  Yet, little is still something, and since something’s have changed let’s take a look at my second mock draft, but this time we will be looking at my top-12.

Nothing new for Foster as he finds himself atop the charts (

Arian Foster– I’m sticking to my guns, Foster remains my #1 overall player in fantasy, and should be selected first overall.  He is always among the top RB in fantasy since he entered the leagues, even with his injuries.  Injury-free as of now leaves him the clear-cut #1 pick.

Projection– 1,900 total yards and 18 total TDs

LeSean McCoy– Despite other mock drafts and preseason rankings, I like McCoy ahead of Rice in the draft.  The Eagles’ offense is more high-powered than the Ravens and defenses have to key-in on other guys rather than expend on their energy on McCoy, allowing him to put up great numbers.

Projection– 1,700 total yards and 16 total TDs

Ray Rice– Spectacular season a year ago, likely


won’t duplicate same numbers (over 2,000 yards from scrimmage) however he still will be The Man in Baltimore therefore I expect some big numbers once more.

Projection– 1,850 total yards and 12 total TDs

Aaron Rodgers He has led the league in points the last two seasons and if I wasn’t somewhat old-school in my drafting with taking RBs first, I’d have no problem drafting him first overall.  He’s fantastic, spectacular, diverse, and is a great asset to any fantasy team.

Projection– 4,800 total yards and 48 total TDs

Maurice Jones-Drew– Finally his S.O.S was answered when the Jags drafted Blackmon and signed Robinson.  The addition of these two guys will take an enormous amount of pressure off of MJD, bug still expect him to play a huge role in their offense.

Projection– 1,600 total yards and 11 total TDs

Here is where it starts to change a little:

Mathews cracking into the top-12 (

Ryan Mathews– I’ll be honest I was a bit skeptical of him at first, and didn’t even consider putting him in my top-12.  Yet, his numbers are somewhat better than I have given him credit for.  Despite his constant injuries, last season Mathews managed over 1,500 total yards last season,  all while sharing the load with Tolbert.  With Jackson and Tolbert now gone, the Chargers are going to rely on Mathews a lot more to help sustain their impressive offense.

Projection– 1,700 total yards and 9 total TDs

Tom Brady- His numbers speak for themselves.  The new defensive additions will help tremendously, alongside with his new deep-threat Lloyd.  Expect another statistically beautiful season from Brady.

Projection– 5,000 passing yards and 38 TDs

Marshawn Lynch– I like him a lot.  He is ferocious, and he runs angry; two things I love in a RB.  Career highs last year and Flynn under center give me great hope in yet another break-out season for Lynch.

Projection– 1,400 total yards and 13 total TDs

Calvin JohnsonMadden curse, Shmadden curse, I don’t care. He’s the best WR plain and simple and should be the first off the board.

Projection– 1,600 receiving yards and 13 TDs

Larry Fitzgerald– Last season Fitzgerald managed over 1,400 receiving yards and 8 TDs all while having a number of sub-par QBs under center.

Surest hands in the game (

Also, this year the Cards drafted Floyd, someone who will take some defenders away from Fitz, allowing him to catch more balls, get more yards, and score more touchdowns.  Also don’t forget, he’s only 28 years old, although it seems in been in the leagues forever.  In addition, Fitz has only gone under 1,000 receiving twice ever, once his rookie season in 2004, and once in 2006 when he missed three games (still managed 946 yards and 6 TDs).

Projection– 1,450 yards receiving and 10 TDs

Andre Johnson–   Let’s face it, he is an animal.  He is one of the best receivers in the game, and his numbers back it up.  Finally healthy, he should return to his normal dominance.

Projection– 1,300 yards receiving 10 TDs

Chris Johnson– let’s chalk up last season to a fluke.   He held out, wasn’t in shape, wasn’t ready, and didn’t produce.  This season is different as he is not holding out and should be all geared up.  Plus Britt is coming back, taking some pressure off of him and it also isn’t a coincidence he rushed for over 2,000 two years ago.  CJ2K is back.

Projection– 1,600 total yards and 9 total TDs

Just Missed the top-12

Mathew Stafford– Previously my #8 player, now #13 and through no fault of his own.  I still love him and would personally take him in the first-round.  However, in the several mock drafts I have done, I was able to get him in the second round many times, and even the third in one.  Therefore you could still snatch him up a little later.

Projection– 4,900 passing yards and 42 TDs

Drew Brees– Same reason as stated in mock draft 1

Projection– 4,900 passing yards and 39 TDs

Cam Newton Same reason as stated in mock draft 1

Projection– 4,300 total yards and 28 total TDS

Rob Gronkowski- Same reason as stated in mock draft 1

Projection– 1,200 receiving yards and 13 TDs

Matt Forte– Same reason as stated in mock draft 1

Projection– 1,650 total yards and 7 total TDs

DeMarco Murray– I like him a lot, and the Cowboys do too as he will likely be the #1 RB on the depth chart.  He exploded for over 1,000 yards from scrimmage last season in only 13 games, and will likely trump those numbers this year.

Projection– 1,400 total yards and 7 total TDs


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