Top Fantasy Football Team Names of 2012


Unlike in real life, in fantasy football you get to choose your name.  No more relying on your parents to make sure they make the right decision, and no one to blame if your name sucks.  Therefore, to avoid ridicule and the embarrassment of having a lame fantasy name, I will give u a list of my top-20 favorite names for this year.

Yet, before I do so I will give you a tips as to how you should go about picking, selecting, or even creating your own team name.

  1. Make your name relevant. Everyone appreciate a good, thoughtful name, but if it’s not relevant it’s not worth it.  For example the team name Favre Dollar Foot long use to be funny, but Favre is no longer in the league.  Also the name Jersey Leshoure (Mikel Leshoure the suspended Lions running back) is no good because nobody really knows who he is, unless you are an avid Lions fan.  On the other hand, Rice Rice Baby does work even though Vanilla Ice’s song Ice Ice Baby came out over 15 years ago; it’s a song everyone knows.
  2. Don’t Be Lazy, Be Clever.  Nobody likes having that person in their leagues with their last name as their team name because that person was too lazy to come up with even the most simplistic fantasy team name.  Yet, an easy way to be clever is to rip-off song titles, TV show names or anything else you can pun.  For example : ABC, easy as RGIII (#2 overall pick Robert Griffin III and the hit song by the Jackson 5 ABC)  or Scobee Snacks (Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee and the old school hit TV show Scooby Doo).

With those two easy steps in mind, and after I have read through, and, here are my top-20 favorite names in no particular order


1. Vilma, the bounty hunter

2. Too legit,  too legit to Britt

3. My My Myyy Bironas

4. My Vick in a Box

5. She got a Gronk

6. Stafford infection

7. Brady Gaga

8. Forgetting Brandon Marshall

9. The big Tebowski

10. Back That Asomough Up

11. A partridge in a Crabtree

12. Let’s get Rasharded

13. Corn on the Schaub

14. Breesus Christ

15. 30 rack of Matty Ice

16. Breaston Plants

17. Multiple Scorgasams

18. I’m thinking RBs

19. Randy No Moss

20. Fire Cotchery



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