Chris Johnson, Is He A Wash?


After his week 1 performance against the Patriots, where Johnson rushed the ball 11 times for 4 yards and caught 6 passes for 47 yards through the air, many owners where quite frustrated to say the least.  Since this was supposed to be Johnson’s bounce-back campaign, should we already be putting it to an end?

Simply put, no.  Although his performance Sunday was abysmal, I am not placing 100% of the blame on him (I’ll give him about 50-60% of the blame), and I’ll tell you why.

1. I foresaw this lackluster performance coming this week.  I predicted that the Titans where likely to go down early, causing them to negate the run and focus more on passing.  That’s pretty much what happened, as the Titans threw the ball 43 times, compared to the 16 rushing attempts.  Next week when the Titans face Chargers (although they too have a decently high-powered offense) they aren’t as likely to be facing such a deficit so early.

2. He did lead his team in receptions with 6.  That’s a huge positive since he clearly wasn’t getting it done on the ground, the Titans still found a way to incorporate him into the offense.

3. Forget what you may have thought about the Patriots defense, they are for REAL.  That front 7 could end up being atop the league come season’s end.  They are young, talented, skilled, fast, and flat out ferocious.  They swarmed the backfield giving none of the rushers any room to breathe.  It’s also apparent the talent of Hightower and Jones as the two made an immediate impact.

4. Locker and Washington both went down with injuries.  Now the severity of each is not known yet, but if they miss any time at all, that leaves the Titans with limited weapons.  With lack of weapons, that means more carries or touches for Johnson.

5. Those who watched the game clearly saw the frustration on Johnson’s face in regards to his performance.  That’s a good sign as he seems to care and has matured, rather than not caring and becoming content with mediocrity.  Frustration and passion can do a lot for a player and their performance, as I expected Johnson to come out firing next week.


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