Fantasy Football Week 1 Top-10 Performers

Fantasy football’s week 1 Top-10 Performers

Ryan has a lot to be happy about as he leads fantasy through week 1 (

Here is a list of top-10 performers (in standard scoring leagues) after week 1:

1. Matt Ryan (31 points)

2. RGIII (24 points)

3. Tony Romo (23 points)

4. Kevin Ogletree (23 points)

5. Aaron Rodgers (22 points)

6. C.J. Spiller (22 points)

7. Julio Jones (22 points)

8. Drew Bress (21 points)

9. Alfred Morris (21 points)

10. 6 players tied with 20 points; Peyton Manning, Steven Ridley, Adrian Peterson, Stephen Hill, Mark Sanchez, and Kevin Smith

This list doesn’t exactly compile on your typical top-10 fantasy performers, and that isn’t always a bad thing.  Sometimes a nice shake-up is necessary, yet is this for real?  Are any of these surprise performers likely to stay in such an elite ranking, or will they fizzle out?  Also, I know it is very early, yet I will predict where these players will likely be ranked come the end of the season.

Matt Ryan- definitely for real, and do not be surprised to see him crack the top four or five for quarterbacks by the end of the season.  I have been very high on him all off-season, yet was shocked to see him go so late in most drafts (anywhere between 11th– 14th round).  He has arguably one of the best wide receiving threats in Jones, White, and Gonzales.  He also still has Turner back there and also showed us that he too can run (scoring on a 5-yard run and totaling 25 rushing yards on 3 carries).

End of season prediction- top-5 QB

RGIII- Before I make my prediction on him, I will admit he does remind of somewhat of Cam Newton.  I only say this because last season after Newton’s stellar week 1 performance, I proclaimed it was not for real and he was likely to fizzle out (man was I wrong).  Yet, once more I will proclaim as such, stating I do not believe RG III will still be in the top-10 come season’s end.  I just do not trust rookie quarterbacks enough to believe they will put up such consistently high numbers.  RG III is a good quarterback who had a great game, and maybe soon should be a starter in most leagues, maybe.

End of season prediction- top-12-14 QB


Tony Romo- I believe in Romo, as far as fantasy goes.  Last year he was the 8th quarterback overall, only 5 points behind Eli.  This year all of his weapons seem to be healthy and clicking, which all point to Romo having another great fantasy season.  It’s also worth noting that Romo put up his week 1 numbers without his security blanket, Witten, playing any sort of role in the offense.

End of season prediction- Top-6 QB

Kevin Ogletree- Could he be the reincarnation of Laurent Robinson 2011?  Cowboy fans hope so, but I don’t see it.  For more, check out my previous article on Ogletree, Who Is Kevin Ogletree, and Should He Be On Your Team?

End of season prediction- top-20 WR

Aaron Rodgers- Of course he is for real, leading fantasy football in scoring in back-to-back seasons.  I won’t even waste my time writing, or yours to read as to why he will be a top-10 player.

End of season prediction- top-2 QB


C.J. Spiller- I like him, a lot.  Especially with Jackson out for at least 3 weeks, that leaves the door wide open for Spiller to go off, which we all saw he is capable of doing (last season in the Bills final 6 games, when Spiller took over

for Jackson, he rushed for 446 yards with 3 TDs and caught for 187 yards and 2 TDs). My only concern for him is that when/if Jackson comes back he will obviously lose some carries.  Yet, if he does well enough over the next few weeks, he could cement himself, possibly, ahead of Jackson.  Only time will tell, yet for now I believe this season he is for real, especially with the lack of depth of good fantasy running backs this year.

End of season prediction- top-8 RB

Julio Jones- Absolute stud.  He will be towards the top of the list of wide receivers by the end of the season.   And those of you who were lucky enough to select him in any round past the 3rd got an absolute steal.  His combination of size, speed, strength, and athleticism make him a complete wide receiver.  Like I stated with Ryan, it doesn’t hurt that he has Roddy White and Tony Gonzales lining up with him to take some of the heat off of him.

End of season prediction- top-3 WR

Drew Brees- Yes, no brainer that he is for real, he’s flipping’ Drew Brees.  As long as he is playing, no matter who his coach is, who is suspended, or who isn’t suspended he will continue to put up huge numbers.

End of season prediction- top-4 QB (at worst)


Alfred Morris- There are few rules I stick to in fantasy football regardless of anything, and one of those is to never trust a Mike Shanahan running back.  I don’t like them, I can’t trust them, and I definitely cannot rely on them.  They are huge none week, then not even in the line-up next week.  They’ll get 20 carries in one week, 5 the following.  No thank you and no offense to Morris, I just do not trust him.

End of season prediction- He’ll be lucky to be a top-20 RB

Peyton Manning- Peyton looked like Peyton in week one and he did it against a great defense in the Pittsburgh Steelers.  His neck seems to be just fine, his weapons are above average, and he gives me no reason to worry about him.

End of season prediction- top-7 QB


Adrian Peterson, Stephen Hill, Mark Sanchez, Kevin Smith, and Steven Ridley- I am putting them all together because I do not trust any of them.  Although Peterson is a freak of nature, I just have problems trusting that knee all season long.  Especially because he is a running back who loves contact, and with that the case can he knee hold up?  Mark Sanchez doesn’t have the weapons or the skill set to remain a top-tier fantasy quarterback, which is also why Hill won’t remain atop the wide receiver list.  Although I do like Smith a lot and he is capable of big fantasy points, he is injury prone and will likely lose touches once Leshoure comes back in week 3.  Finally, there is Ridley, who falls under my second rule of fantasy football and that is to never trust a Patriots running back.  Regardless of how good Ridley seemed in week 1, and there is no doubt that he is a good running back, there just is no consistency in the Patriots running game.  As long as Brady is under center, the Patriots will always be a pass-first team.

End of season prediction-

Peterson- if healthy, top-12 RB

Sanchez- top-15 QB

Hill- top-30 WR

Smith- top-17 RB

Ridley- top-15 RB


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