Reggie Bush, Legit Fantasy Stud?

After Reggie Bush’s stellar performance Sunday against the Raiders, owners everywhere who have him were doing a celebration dance, and for good reason.  After Bush’s 31-point performance (stand leagues) he has catapulted himself into the top-scoring fantasy bracket.  However, we are only two weeks into the league, so is Bush a legit stud? Or soon to be dud?

Make no mistake about it, he’s for real.  Now I am not advocating that Bush will often duplicate last week’s performance, however I am not THAT surprised by it.  We all know how good he was in college (granted the NFL is very different) and how freakish of an athlete he is.  And now he is finally getting a chance to show how good of a running back he actually is.  Now that he is the prominent offensive weapon, on a team that will let him run the ball; Bush might finally live up to his potential.

But what about his career in New Orleans?

Good point, however his lackluster numbers in New Orleans were not all his fault and here’s why:

  • Since Brees came to Saints, the highest % of run plays in a single-season was his first season in 2006, where they ran the ball 44% of the time (Deuce McAllister was the running back, Bush 1st season in the league)
  • Bush’s 1st season he had more receiving yards (742) then rushing yards (565)
  • 2006 was also the last time Saints had a 1,000 yard rusher.
  • Since Bush joined the Saints, they averaged running the ball only 38% of the time.
  • Bush had to share carries with Thomas, and Ivory
  • So it seems as if Bush never really even had a chance to be a star running back while he was there.

Since joining the Dolphins last year:

  • Bush finally had his first 1,000 yard season (505 yards more than 2nd highest season).
  • Yes, his reception numbers have gone down, but that is to be expected when Brees doesn’t throw you the ball anymore.
  • Last season he carried the ball 216 times, that is 59 more carries than he had in any season with the Saints, and he missed a game.  (averages out to 3.7 extra carries a game)
  • His 40 carries this year are already more than he had in all of 2010 (played 8 games)

So far this season

  • 40 carries, averaging 6 YPC, 242 yards and 2 TDs.  Also has 9 catches for 71 yards.  His 242 rushing yards are currently 2nd in the league behind Spiller, and at this rate he is on his way to a 1,936 yard rushing season, but I’ll be realistic and trim that down to my expectation of 1,200 yards.

My Final Season Prediction:

250 carries 1,200 rushing yards and 10 TDs

45 receptions , 400yards and 2 TDs


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