Has Reggie Bush Fallen Off?


The other week I wrote an article answering the question, Is Reggie Bush a legit stud?  I answered yes few weeks ago and I am sticking to it event though Reggie has had some less-than-stellar performances in the past few weeks. Since rushing for 171 yards and two touchdowns in week two versus the Raiders, Bush has since rushed for a combined 193 yards and one touchdown in his last four games, so what gives?

We all know Bush went down with a knee injury in week 3 versus the Jets, but not before he rushed the ball 10 times for 61 yards.  Since then he just hasn’t seemed himself.  Is it still because of his knee or is there something else that’s keeping his numbers down?  In fact there is something affecting his numbers; his quarterback.

With a rookie quarterback under center teams will force that rookie to beat them, not the weapons around them.  Teams have been doing this by stacking up eight men in the box, forcing Tannehill to throw.

The Palm Beach Coast quoted Anthony Fasano on Tuesday saying that he still expects teams to put eight defenders in the box with the idea that they’ll stop the run and take their chances against the pass.

However, a positive note is the Bush is feels otherwise, and still believes that the rushing title is still within his grasp.  Another plus is that Miami’s next opponent, the Jets, rank 28th in rushing, allowing 150.5 yards per game, and gave up 185 on the ground to the Dolphins in the teams’ first meeting, even with Bush exiting the game early.

So while I am sticking to my guns that Bush is still a fantasy stud, I am going to pump the brakes a little on my prediction of his numbers come seasons end.


255 rushes- 1,050 yards 8 touchdowns

20 receptions- 350 yards 1 touchdown


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