Josh Freeman: Fluke or For Real?

After naming him one of my biggest sleepers of the entire 2012-13 NFL fantasy season, Tampa’s quarterback Josh Freeman has been on a tear as of late.  Since Freeman is generally a back-up in most leagues (owned in 72%, only started in 15% of leagues) many owners are now wondering if they should give him a shot in the starting line-up.  However, before they come to a conclusion on such a question they need to think of one thing, is Josh Freeman for real? Or is this just a fluke?

I am of course referring to Freeman’s play over the last three weeks against the Vikings, Chiefs and Saints

It all started against the Chiefs in week 5, where Freeman threw for 328 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 1 interception on 15 of 26 passing.  While the Chiefs team as a whole has been nothing to write home about this year, their pass-defense holds some validity thus far, as they rank 13th in the NFL only allowing 224.5 passing yards/game.

The subsequent week, Freeman exploded against the Saints, out-slinging Drew Brees, as he threw for 420 yards and three touchdowns.  Freeman also managed 13 yards on the ground, and was only sacked twice.

Then this past Thursday, Freeman had his third-consecutive 3-touchdown performance against a solid Vikings defense.    The Vikings rank 12th in the NFL against the pass, 11th in points allowed with 20.8 ppg, and ranked 12th against opposing fantasy offenses.  Yet none of that mattered to Freeman as he threw for 262 yards and three more touchdowns on his team’s way to victory over the Vikings, 38-17.

Nonetheless, can this continue?

Yet, I have a better question, why not?

I believe Freeman is more than capable of continuing to put-up similar numbers throughout the rest of the season.  Maybe he won’t be tossing-up three touchdowns and 300+ yards every game, but there is no reason he can’t be in that ball-park.

Over the next three weeks, Freeman and the Bucs will face the Raiders (22nd in NFL in pass defense 254.7 yards/game , 27th in points allowed/game with 28.5, and aren’t exactly takeaway threats with only 7 takeaways thus far and rank the 30th defense in fantasy) the Chiefs (rank 26th in fantasy, only 6 takeaways as a team so far, and rank 30th in NFL with 30.5 ppg allowed) and the Chargers (rank 25th in NFL allowing 265.8 passing yards/game,  and 16th with 22.8 ppg allowed)


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