Make or Break Your Fantasy Team; The Flex Position

As I have previously written, the thing that can set your team apart from every other team is that extra play-maker, and where better to put that extra play-maker than in your flex spot.  Often times teams who have that extra RB, WR, or in some leagues a TE, need a spot to put that player, since sitting them would be detrimental to.  Yet, the flex position gives people the opportunity to play that player, but which one should they choose?

Often time this slot is reserved for the RB, WR, or even TE who is typically will fly a little under the radar do to other stars at the same position.   So I will list 5 players that could fit great in that flex position, and why.

Green-Ellis hopes to carry load in Cincy (photo courtesy of

  1. BenJarvus Green-Ellis– Green-Ellis finds himself on a new team as the feature back.  While he may be the main RB, I do not recommend him as a 1 or 2 RB on your team, leaving the flex position perfect for him.  He is good for 10-15 carries a game, as the Bengals have a fairly balanced offense (535 pass attempts to 455 rushing attempts last season).  Nevertheless if Green-Ellis managed to put up worthwhile numbers with Brady as his QB and Bellicheck changing RBs every play it seems (2,063 yards and 29 TDs in 53 games played), he can manage in Cincinnati.  He will get the ball near the goal-line, as well as on first downs.  He is a great flex position player.
  2. Reggie Wayne– As I mentioned himearlier in my article discussing is he was what he use to be, Wayne’s fantasy value will plummet.  However, I still do foresee him putting up decent enough numbers that some owners could take a chance on him. More in-depth analysis in previous article (link above).
  3. Brandon Jacobs– He may not be that fast, and he may not get a lot of carries.  However, he is big and he is surely strong.  That bodes well for him and his chances of getting goal-line touches.  Since the 49ers offense had increased due to their off-season signings, Jacobs could still salvage himself as a viable flex position RB.

    Thomas could have a break out season (photo courtesy of

  4. Demaryius Thomas– If Tebow can make him look like a stud; can you imagine what Manning will do for him?  An off-season injury kept him out most of last season, however when he finally entered the league, he came in with a bang.  Two 100+ yard receiving games and 4 TDs in just 9 games is pretty good for a rookie WR (again, especially when Tebow was throwing to him).  With Peyton now under center, Thomas’s numbers will skyrocket, but he still might get looked over by some owners.  If he is there later on in the draft, grab him.
  5. Fred Davis– Davis broke out with a cool 796 yards receiving in the first 12 games of last season, a pace that would’ve seen him log a 1,061-yard campaign. And this was with Rex Grossman and John Beck as his QBs.  Yet, despite his early-season success last year I still can see some owners overlooking him since he has a rookie QB, the addition of Garcon, and Moss is still there.  Yet, he is a talented TE and with other TEs like Gronk, Hernandez, Graham, Gonzales,  Davis and others he might get overlooked.  If that is the case, he could be a huge pick-up.

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Man Crush of the Week

Foster looks to duplicate his first week performance (AP photo)


Who’s my man crush of the week?  I’ll tell you, it’s Arian Foster.  Most fans out there think of his unreal week 1 performance as somewhat of a fluke.  However fluke isn’t the correct word.   Although I don’t expect another 200 plus yard game from Foster, I think his week 1 performance was a showing of things to come.

                I especially like him because of his week 2 match up against the Redskins.  With Haynesworth not at 100%, the skins D-line will have trouble getting to Schaub and stopping the run.  With everyone already well aware of the fact that Schaub can throw it deep, they’ll need a nice run game to compliment that and throw off Washington’s defense.  With his ability to also catch out of the backfield, look for Foster to get the ball early and often

                On a side note:

                 Last year when Arian was called upon to help the Texans abysmal running game, he did so.  In five games Foster averaged just less than 5 yards per carry and just less than 12 yards per reception.  When he did finally get the start the last two games of the 09’ season is closed it out with back to back 100+ yard games.   Along with the strong passing game, especially the dynamic duo of Schaub and Johnson, I look for Foster to not only have a strong week 2, but a great 2010-11 season.